Secretary General Image

Dear Esteemed delegates,
John Lennon said, “Imagine a world with no countries”. This idea even though sounds good; is set in a utopian world which doesn’t exist. The one that does exist, the one in which we reside in, is ruthless, opportunistic and dynamic in nature. With ever-changing ties and shifting allies, the only way to get your way and remain unscathed is by diplomacy. With Model United Nations the leaders of tomorrow get the perfect opportunity to hone this ability. After two days of intense debating, lobbying and upholding the foreign policy, each and every participant comes out of the conference as a changed being. I know I did. And now it is time to give back. I am proud to announce that Manipal University Jaipur is back with its sixth edition of MUN conference on 9th -10th February 2019. MUJMUN has been one of the biggest, most engaging conferences in the Rajasthan circuit. With over 2000+ delegates hosted through the years, we don’t plan on slowing down. In this edition to take the level of the conference even higher, we have six committees UNGA-DISEC, UNHRC, UNSC, ECOSOC, Futuristic NATO, AIPPM along with International Press. The agendas to be discussed are relevant and demand immediate attention, both by conscious citizens and world leaders. I, in the capacity of Secretary General of MUJMUN 6.0 on the behalf of the entire secretariat can assure you that the conference will leave you with an experience that you will never forget.
Looking forward to your presence in February.

Akash Kalra
Secretary General